Low resolution copy of the video exhibited in A dense intimacy at Bus Projects from 13/2/19 - 9/3/19.

A Remembrance documents a trip taken with with my mother to her former home province of Pak Chong, Thailand. Over the course of a day we visited specific sites relevant to the life she led there with her first husband Sompong, and the film is narrated by her recollections of this relationship which was tragically cut short by his murder in 1973. The circumstances around his death have always been uncertain to me, and the film traces an attempt to contextualise the lingering shadow of this trauma in my mother’s own words; tacitly acknowledging that were it not for this tragedy then my mother wouldn’t have eventually met my father and started her new life in Australia.

The documentation accompanying my mother's narration mostly comprises of a chronological account of our trip to Pak Chong; including the dam where Sompong was murdered (which my mother hadn’t visited since he died), and the property they lived on together. Relatives of Sompong still reside on this land, and while they are estranged from my mother through geographical distance and the passage of time, this footage offers a speculative glimpse of the life which she has now left behind.